Sondra Livermore

Birthday: April 25, 1965

Fulltime missions since 1996

Indigenous Training Ministries, Inc.

The Christian Training Center program is designed to be a 2 year Bible school.  The curriculum is 68 credits and accredited in the USA with Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries.

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Sondra's Mini Bio

Sondra is working in Central & South America as a full time missionary with Commission to Every Nation (CTEN).  Sondra is raising funds to help Latin pastors with outreach projects and ministry to their communities.  She also partners with Indigenous Training Ministries (ITM) establishing and maintaining Christian Training Centers (CTCs) with the purpose of educating pastors and leadership.  

Indigenous Training Ministries

Sondra lived in Latin America for 15 years, primarily in Nicaragua and Costa Rica working with Missionary Ventures International as a field coordinator and Latin America Office Director.  During that time one of the deepest needs she saw was education of Christian workers, pastors, and leadership.  Many of the pastors have no Bible education or training, they received Christ as their personal savior, and began ministering to those around them.  There is also a lack of training or study for young people desiring to be in full time ministry and missions.  

Sondra's main focus with ITM is to establish contact with Christian pastors, organizations or denominations in Latin America that are interested in running a Bible College.  She has made many scouting trips in the last three years. The Christian Training Center(CTC) program offers two years of Bible College curriculum at minimal cost.  Once the CTC is established, leadership receives training program and complete responsibility.  The CTC belongs to them.  Sondra is involved in overseeing the CTC from a distance, visits frequently to teach, pray and encourage.  

Commission To Every Nation

CTEN has opened up the opportunity for Sondra to initate and raise funds for projects to help pastors participating in the CTC's with the different calls and visions God has put on their hearts.  Sondra is raising funds for Christian elementary schools in Managua, and projects for the children in the Managua city dump.  Sondra currently helps to coordinate funding for a feeding centers, Christian elementary schools, and trade training education.  And will continue to assist with short term missions teams and projects as the Lord opens doors and provides finances.

Sondra is also in the initial stages of teaching herbal remedies as part of her Christian outreach.  Families living in remote locations in third world countries are as dependent upon medical supplies as we are.  Sondra's desire is to help alleviate some of the dependency upon medicines that are only available with money and access to a pharmacy and  allow indigenous peoples to take care of basic medical care on their own.  

Current Prayer Requests:

- Finances for travel into Central & South America

- Contact with committed pastors who desire a CTC in their area on the field

- Divine appontments and resources to meet the needs on the field

- Commitment and endurance for existing CTC's and leadership

- Funds for a Christian Elementary school in Buenos Aires, Managua

-Funds for after school tutoring for the kids from the Managua dump.


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